The Wine Tradition!

Since 1945


Founded in 1945, LMH-Wines is a company that produces and bottles Wines, Brandy, Muffled and Jeropiga. Our motto is "Serve Well to Serve Always" which represents our quality in the manufacture of wine to provide an impeccable service to the consumer. All our developments reflect these ideals and we usually invest in new techniques and equipment, establishing a close relationship with our customers to ensure their needs and promote their loyalty.

Our Selection

Val dos Reys | Reserva

Red Wine

Vale dos Reys

Red Wine


Red Wine


White Wine

Why our Wines?

100% Tradition

Although technological development helps build excellence, we never abdicate tradition to produce quality products.

Any Occasion

Our products are suitable for any occasion of our consumer's daily life.

Experienced Team

Our qualified and experienced team provides a quality service to all our consumers.

Serve Well to Serve Always!

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Where we are

Rua do Olival, 60
2400-823 Azoia

Tel.: +351 244 871 197
Tlm: +351 966 267 841
Fax: +351 244 871 197

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